An American with an escape plan here...

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An American with an escape plan here...

Post by adamt225 »

Hey folks,

I'm a long time lurker finally ready to introduce myself. I probably had an account on here once before. If I did, it's probably tied to an email address I've gotten rid of.'s cool.

Anyways, I'm Adam. I'm an American 30-something currently planning an escape from the West.

I'll save you all the cliche "I'm tired of America and it's rapid decline" jargon. That's one of the chief reasons why I'm here.

Another is my intent to become a digital nomad. Traveling the world while working on a business that makes you money.

A few of my friends are currently among the world's population of digital many great things I've heard.

So where in the world should I go, you ask? So far, I have my sights set on Eastern Europe. Lucky for me, I took a year of Russian while in college (yes, my school offered Russian as a language course).

Hoping to get to know some of you here.

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Re: An American with an escape plan here...

Post by chanta76 »

Good luck on your plan to escape. Most travelers either save up or find random work overseas. Curious what's your plan?
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Re: An American with an escape plan here...

Post by MarkovOConnor »

Hello there old chap. :D A pleasure to meet another fellow member who is interested to look outside the box. I recommend either Ukraine or Russia if you're looking to go to Europe. That's where I want to go. I've seen many videos on Odessa. The night clubs there are awesome! And the many single women in this region look like super models! So what is this big plan of yours you're planning to brew up? I have my own plans as well in order to achieve my goals. I wish you the best on yours.
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Re: An American with an escape plan here...

Post by gravity25x »

Good luck with your plans in Eastern Europe. I'm born and raised in the US too, left about a year ago (permanently). I've personally been to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. I dated a Belarusian girl for 2.5 years, been close friends with a Ukrainian girl and known several Russian girls; they are definitely worth getting to know, date, and if you want, marry. Personally I wouldn't marry them legally, just do it at a church man....just too much stupidity than can arise, if one day she decides she doesn't love you anymore... But they are some of the most caring and tender women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Currently in Tbilisi, Georgia. Girls here are very sweet and nice, but not at all the place for you if you aren't looking for marriage (their male relatives will hunt you down and do REAL physical harm to you, if you pump-and-dump her. The neighbor of a friend of mine here in Tbilisi was murdered a few months ago by some man because he slept with that man's wife. So yeah :D
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